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Just a few hours after Europe got the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, we have gotten word from NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon that the much awaited Patch is finally releasing tonight.

We don't know what systems are getting it when, but we will update this space once that is known.

He also said that they are working on patch notes, so we should get those shortly hopefully. I would assume this patch will propagate to the new European purchasers soon as well. More as it develops.

Update 6pm CST: Still no sign of the North American release of the patch, but we got good news.

Unlike we reported in an earlier update, today's European release of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection did in fact come with the latest patch as we guessed would happen.

Thanks to our friends over at Kamidogu we've gotten our hands on the European release and have come up with a list of changes from the patch below. We will be updating this with more photos, and eventually video, as we find more changes that were made in the game.

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection v1.02 Visual Patch Notes
(Click thumbnails below to enlarge)

  • New Video Display option "Stretch" that fills a HDTV. The screenshots in this article demonstrate this new feature.

  • Audio glitches like MK2's attract mode, Scorpion's Voice, etc now sound proper. Audio issues still remain, but many have been improved. For example Scorpion's Voice on UMK3 can be heard when throwing the spear.

  • Online has player names on each side of the screen in the selection, loading screens and during games.

  • Online is MUCH improved. So far only been able to play against European players due to it being released over there only so far and it is quite smooth despite the long distance. Immediately feels different, no more like you are playing in molasses. Here's a quick video showing how fast online is now, hope to get a longer video up soon but having technical difficulties.

  • Unpausing the game no longer leaves you unable to move for a few seconds

  • You can use UKKs in UMK3 online now.

  • The "Arcade" Filter has more even scanlines when in "Stretched" mode, but in other modes retains it's uneven scan line arrangement from previous release.



  • The video "gamma" level was reduced resulting in a less washed out colors.



  • Unfortunately they didn't put in version restrictions on the matchmaking, so if you get matched against a 1.02 player from Europe or a 1.01 player in the US right now you get a nasty black screen. This problem should go away once 1.02 is sent out worldwide.

  • More to come...

Update December 9th: Both Wednesday and Thursday both came and went, with no patch being released for North American customers. We're unsure what happened and there has been no response or statements from the various people at WB and NetherRealm Studios.

Update December 15th: Ed Boon just posted a few updates about the patch availability.
"Patch submitted & waiting on approval. The "best guess" date we are currently given is Dec 19th, which is this Monday." - Ed Boon

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