Mortal Kombat (2011)

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Baraka Cyrax
Ermac Freddy Krueger
Jade Jax
Johnny Cage Kabal
Kano Kenshi
Kitana Kung Lao
Liu Kang Mileena
Nightwolf Noob
Raiden Rain
Reptile Scorpion
Sektor Shang Tsung
Sheeva Sindel
Skarlet Smoke
Sonya Blade Stryker
Sub-Zero Cyber Sub-Zero
Kratos Quan Chi


A refugee orphaned by Shao Kahn's conquest, Rain grew up under the protection of the Edenian Resistance. An exceptional fighter, he soon rose through their ranks. As his reputation grew, so did his arrogance. When Rain demanded leadership of the Resistance forces, he was refused. Infuriated, he turned against his rebel comrades and betrayed them to their sworn enemy. In payment for this treason, Rain was promised his own army by the emperor Shao Kahn. Power would be his—no matter the cost.


    How to Unlock

    Rain will be released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on July 19th, 2011.

    Special Move

    • Water-Port: D U (Also in air)
    • Super Kick: D B BK
    • Water Bubble: D F FK
    • Geyser Kick: D B FK
    • Lightning: D B BP
    • Aqua Smash: B F FP
    • H2O Boost: F D B FP


    • Rain Check: FLIP STANCE + BL


    • Bubble Burst: B F D B BL (Jump)
    • Does It Sting: U D B F BP (Jump)


    • Babality: B D F FP

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage Fatality: F D F BK (Varies)

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

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