Hello. My name is Justin and some of you may or may not be aware that I have a successful Youtube channel involving Mortal Kombat parodies using old sprites. My videos include "MK2/MK3 Friendship Fails", "MK3 New Friendships" "MK2 Fatality Fails".

I have never written a script before and this would be my first video on my channel featuring voice actors once the script I desire is successfully written.

But I'm not here to advertise, I am here seeking some scriptwriting talents.

My video is making fun of the fact that Scorpion and Sub-Zero are so popular, they're always picked first.
Because Scorpion and Sub-Zero are both selected first, this brings up an argument amongs all the rest of the Mortal Kombat 2 characters on the select screen. This is inspired by Dorkly Bit's Judgmental Mortal Kombat video. But for some reason they never made a sequel, and I figured it would be fun to write one myself. But I'm struggling with coming up with the lines for every character.

Is there somebody on this forum who considers themselves a good writer and knows a bit of comedy to help me come up with an awesome, quality script for a new video? That would be fun and I look forward to collaborating with whoever volunteers. Thanks!