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Thread: Problem with MK2 on SNES

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    Problem with MK2 on SNES

    i thought this is a normal glitch but found nothing around the internet...
    problem is when i try to fight against noob saibot (winning 50 fights in a row) the game crashes right before the text message appears... the winning strike symbols which appear on the screen are totally glitched before that...

    is this normal in some snes revisions? does someone has the same problem? i've got an original cartridge... no rom or something else...

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    Re: Problem with MK2 on SNES

    Your cartridge might be too old. I had this same problem when I played my SNES MKII a few years ago, but did not have this problem when I first got it back in 96. Of course, I let it collect dust once I got arcade-emulated versions such as MAT2 and the stand-alone PS3 version.

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