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Thread: Noob Saibot in mk2 mat2 ps2

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    Noob Saibot in mk2 mat2 ps2

    When you get to 50 straight wins in 2 player mode, you get to fight Noob. If you lose, you just win another round in 2 player mode and you get to fight him again if you lost the previous time. That is unless you win a round, but not the match. If you lose to Noob 2 rounds to 1, you don't get another chance. Anybody else experience this? Is it over after you win a round but not the match? Is there some # of straight wins after 50 and losing 2-1 to Noob that you can get to in order to face Noob again? Any help?

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    Re: Noob Saibot in mk2 mat2 ps2

    Yep... just win 50 more

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