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Thread: is mortal kombat on ps vita going to allow you to listen to music while you play

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    is mortal kombat on ps vita going to allow you to listen to music while you play

    im buying ps vita on day of realse with ultimate marvel vs campcom and wipeout 2048. both look like gret games... now i know mortal konbat is adding new features and including all dlc.. but will it allow you to play your own music, because i stopped playing mk9 on ps3.... only played it once in the last few months or so

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    Re: is mortal kombat on ps vita going to allow you to listen to music while you play

    I can't say anything about music while playing MK since it's not out yet. However, I have problems logging into my TRMK account on my Vita...
    anyone else encountered this error? Also a lot of my "friends" are missing from my PSN friends list too.
    Can't check my PS3's info if it has the same problems cuz it's still at my... (pfff)... ex-gf's place and she's on vacation... I sure hope my funmachine still lives ;(
    Anyways... any help/solutions/tips are appreciated, thx Peeps

    PS: My PS3's account is linked to Vita so if anyone wants to add me (for some reason )
    I am an EU user though --> PSN/Vita: B13-Helghast
    I wish...

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