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Thread: Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

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    Re: Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Quote Originally Posted by calactyte View Post
    Wow awesome find. Mind sharing where you can order the postcard?
    Found it on a single eBay listing - can't seem to locate a place that regularly sells them, unfortunately!
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    Re: Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    ]{0MBAT I meant to ask have you made any progress identifying the original object that was digitized for the statue of the bald bearded guy in a robe in the MK2 Wastelands?

    I've always been particularly fascinated by that statue and would love to have a better look at the original piece. It has such an otherworldly and sinister feel. Though I wouldn't have the first clue of where to start looking for it, other than I guess asking the MK2 team if they remember what it was or where it came from.

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