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    Talisa Soto's 50th birthday, join our video tribute

    Dear Mortal Kombat fans.
    Our beloved Kitana of the Mortal Kombat Movie Talisa Soto turns 50 this Monday March 27th 2017. We're going to make a video tribute for Talisa and send it to her. The video tribute will include our birthday wishes and a montage of Talisa's scenes from all her movies.
    Join us.
    Send me videos/pictures of you wishing Talisa something for her birthday.
    Deadline: Saturday March 25th 2017.
    I hope for some of you Talisa means as much as she does for me.
    Looking forward to your messages.
    Marina (Kitana Fan Page admin)
    twitter: @KitanaFanPage

    Kitana Fan Page on twitter | facebook | youtube | tumblr

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