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Thread: I'm back in the forum world!

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    I'm back in the forum world!

    I don't know if anyone will remember me, but I used to be on a lot of MK forums when I was younger, mostly the Midway Boards back when, you know, that still existed and was a thing. I used to go by evil_emperor at one time and have pretty much been BrianMinor25 ever since.

    Been away from forums for 3-4-ish years or so due to adult life stuff like, you know, having a full time job, a family to support, etc etc.

    BUT I decided to just drop back in on a few MK forums that looked like they might not be too half dead and talk about any MK news I can.

    Any familiar faces I might recall? I wasn't ever really that active on TRMK, but I don't even know if anyone from my time (2007-2011ish) would still be around! Haha.

    But anyhoo, I'm here! I hope to have fun chatting with you guys in the future! =)

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    Re: I'm back in the forum world!

    Welcome back! I don't really keep up with members all that well here but I've been a member since 2010ish ( I'm sure we've chatted before here). Sadly, this place is a desert compared to the mk9 glory days. Hopefully things will pick up once Boon stops trolling people about kp3 . Its not all doom and gloom. There are still a few of us that still post here. We just need something fresh and new from NRS to talk about, otherwise people just stop posting here.

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    Re: I'm back in the forum world!

    Yeah, it's sad this place is so dead. I wish I joined back then, instead of just recently. I was more into other games and online communities at the time. Like RE:Outbreak etc. I was always on there chatting away lol. I try to post in different places here to liven it up a bit. I hope things pick up again as well.

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    Re: I'm back in the forum world!

    What to know what happened? The forums were awesome during the Mk9 era. Awesome conversation were had in this era but towards the end of the Mk9 hyper after the game releases we were met with new members with bad taste in jokes and creeping personality!!!!! (This whole post was a joke and I only typed it to waste your time >

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    Re: I'm back in the forum world!

    Video game forums tend to live and die by what is popular at the moment. That's the downside of a place dedicated to one particular series. It would be hard to surpass the hype surrounding MK9. It terms of presentation, it was a huge step up from the previous games. It was the first MK game where MK devs actually listened to player feedback to make it a competitively viable game. MK9 went back to its 2D roots. They even managed to redeem themselves in the eyes of disgruntled fans who saw series going downhill after they went 3D. Of course NRS/WB were marketing the shit of the game. MKX was more or less riding on the success of MK9, and

    Any topics outside of MK is hit or miss. As much as I would like to talk about RPGs, it seems that the only ones most people here are familiar with are the modern Bioware and Bethesda games.

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