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Thread: Create a Fatality

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    Re: Create a Fatality

    Salina (Supposed Dream Goddess):

    * "Up N' Down": First, Salina makes a staff out of thin air and plants it on the ground, making it stand up. Next, she levitates the opponent up the air, using her psychic powers. Then, she makes the enemy fall down on the staff, butt first, making him get vertically impaled from the anus through the mouth.

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    Re: Create a Fatality

    Tremor: Punches the enemy to the ground, once the enemy is laying on the ground Tremor will become to shake the ground underneat that enemy, rocks and earth-like spikes come out of the ground rapidly. The camera goes to Tremor who now stands up and then back to the enemy, the enemy is now a skinless bloody mess with it's arms and legs all over the place.

    Dark Raiden: Levitates into the air and shoots out electricity inside the targets mouth. The enemy then burns and you see smoke coming out of its body as the skin slowely burns away and eyes fly out of the skull. The camera then go towards the eyeballs laying on the ground as they look into the camera.

    D'vorah: She kisses the enemy and then she walks away, the enemy will shout and you see a bunch of larva drilling their way out from inside the enemy and then crawling over the enemy biting it. The enemy will then fall on the ground covered in holes.

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