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Thread: Mortal Kombat: Book Series

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    Mortal Kombat: Book Series

    My series of Mortal Kombat stories, could not find a right thread place, so I`m putting it in here.

    This is one of my planned four or five books that I will make about one of my favorite fighing game series, Mortal Kombat. (I might make more depending on how good its rated)

    First Book: Mortal Kombat: Abyss of Death
    Second Book: Mortal Kombat: Ice Zone
    Third Book: Mortal Kombat: Apocalypse of Earthrealm
    Fourth Book: Mortal Kombat: Return of the One
    Fifth Book: Mortal Kombat: The Final War



    Quan Chi:

    Shang Tsung



    Liu Kang:


    In the beginning, there was a unreal reality that Scorpion thought was real, in his mind was a sick and twisted place, full of war and hate, blood shed and more. Unaware this is just a mindfreak, he is stuck in his mind, striped of his ablities, he is lone man fighting for his life.

    Comments from the Author:

    Well this is pretty much a non-canon story of the series, so this really does not happen in the real series, I am making this because I am really excited for Mortal Kombat vs. DC (Coming Out November 2008 and also excited for its future (Mortal Kombat 9 and 10!) so this is just to keep me until they release the 8th game and any news on MK9 and MK10.

    It Begins...


    Stepping in the dirt, Scorpion tilts his head to the side, looking at the bright moon, staring at it, he hears a shockingly loud boom, and quickly turns his head everywhere.
    Thinking to himself he looks at his slaves working without any hopes to live on past their experience right now, Scorpion in laughter points at one of them and harshly kills one of them with his pleasurement, blood quickly appears and in an instant Scorpion feels a slight knock on his head, blacking out very fast, everything goes dark as Scorpion collapses, Scorpion then sees the Protector of Earthrealm, Raiden as he stares on, he sees a strange figure standing in front him, Raiden starts to speak "The One Being... it has been a while, how did you come back from your abyss?" As Scorpion continues to listen he sees a darkness taking over the realm as everyone is comsumed by it, Scorpion is taken back to the dark place.

    In the far distance a voice speaks “this is only the beginning” as the voice starts to laugh.

    End of Prologue.

    Chapter 1:

    "Fight!" A voice speaks in anger. Scorpion eyes open, slowing getting up from a darken place, he looks around, knowing he is somewhere dangerous he goes into his fighting stance and realizes something strange.

    As Scorpion starts to move around, he sees a light, shining straight down on him, with lightning quickly flashing through, striking Scorpion in the chest, with Scorpion a little light headed, in no pain he screams in rage., and in a quick flash darkness goes away and he is taken to a icy palace, as he starts to move across the icy land, fire starts to roar and he is quickly taken to the Netherealm.
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