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Thread: MK Federation of Martial ARts??

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    MK Federation of Martial ARts??

    What is MK Federation of Martial ARts exactly? I just finished watching Mortal Kombat Conquest, with its awful cliffhanger due to its cancelation. I looked up Adoni Maropis because i knew I had seen him in a couple of movies when I came across that he acted as Quan Chi in MK Federation of Martial ARts. I googled it and only a few websites how info on it, but barely anything, I was hoping someone could please solve my dilemna, because it is annoying the hell out of me.

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    Re: MK Federation of Martial ARts??

    From what i could see, it was an online thing where viewers could pick fighters to partake in a tournament, the fights in which would be acted out and broadcast over the internet. Kind of a continuation from Conquest, it was hinted at in an interview with Joshua Wexler I found. Dunno what happened to it.

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