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Xbox Live Leaderboards Add Your GamerTag
Rank Username GamerTag GamerScore Reputation Last Played Games
Rank: 1 1st the_sim the sim jason Send the sim jason a message Add the sim jason to your friends list 216710
King's Quest Feeding Frenzy Shadow of Mordor™ DARK SOULS Escape Dead Island
Rank: 2 2nd Patrick McCarron McCarron Send McCarron a message Add McCarron to your friends list 64605
Perfect Dark SR: Gat out of Hell Borderlands Pre-Sequel BioShock Infinite Wreckateer
Rank: 3 3rd MKfighter89 TORNERREflux Send TORNERREflux a message Add TORNERREflux to your friends list 47721
Mass Effect 3 Minecraft Modern Warfare® 3 Resident Evil: ORC Dragon Age: Origins
4th Mike Riazy Mikemetroid Send Mikemetroid a message Add Mikemetroid to your friends list 47625
Marble Blast Ultra Tetris Splash SPLATTERHOUSE RESIDENT EVIL 5 Call of Duty Black Ops
5th yodamic Yodamic Send Yodamic a message Add Yodamic to your friends list 44952
Gun Bros Aliens vs Predator Assassin's Creed II What in the World? Monster Burner
6th LeingodX LeingodX Send LeingodX a message Add LeingodX to your friends list 40316
Banjo Kazooie: N n B Banjo-Tooie Perfect Dark Banjo-Kazooie Virtua Fighter 5
7th Jason Shearer Skizelli Send Skizelli a message Add Skizelli to your friends list 40043
Halo: Reach Sacred 3 Hydro Thunder TC's RainbowSix Vegas Shadow Complex
8th squirrelpion Squirrelpion Send Squirrelpion a message Add Squirrelpion to your friends list 39835
Trials HD Skate 3 Trials Evolution Bulletstorm Gears of War 2
9th Vigilante_FireDragon DrAgOnA2206 Send DrAgOnA2206 a message Add DrAgOnA2206 to your friends list 38179
Saints Row IV DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Injustice Armored Core V Zone of the Enders HD
10th Immortal Reaver SSyrax Send SSyrax a message Add SSyrax to your friends list 34954
Motocross Madness Borderlands Clash of Heroes Halo: Reach Rocksmith 2014
11th Coop NPB Coop NPB Send Coop NPB a message Add Coop NPB to your friends list 32331
Skyrim UNO Ultimate MK3 Left 4 Dead 2 Assault on Dark Athena
12th Kobra MeatSim64 Send MeatSim64 a message Add MeatSim64 to your friends list 29332
13th RoboticsMKX RoboTicS83 Send RoboTicS83 a message Add RoboTicS83 to your friends list 23295
14th MK-TREMOR AIM0001 Send AIM0001 a message Add AIM0001 to your friends list 22523
Gears of War 3 Geometry Wars Evolved Gears of War: Judgment DOOM MS.PAC-MAN
15th Clem Rusty Joseph Joe Kerr Send Joseph Joe Kerr a message Add Joseph Joe Kerr to your friends list 22275
Grand Theft Auto V COD: Black Ops II Halo 3 Wordament TC's RainbowSix Vegas
16th D Dog master of war ArcadeKing99 Send ArcadeKing99 a message Add ArcadeKing99 to your friends list 19807
17th Lawrence Lvwrence Send Lvwrence a message Add Lvwrence to your friends list 17695
Saints Row IV Dead Space™ GRID 2 Borderlands Doritos Crash Course
18th BBBLP Tap Water Champ Send Tap Water Champ a message Add Tap Water Champ to your friends list 17140
Forza Horizon Fable II Kinect Adventures Your Shape: FE Modern Warfare® 2
19th Down4 Down4ality Send Down4ality a message Add Down4ality to your friends list 15949
DARK SOULS Mortal Kombat Injustice DARK SOULS II Rock Band 3
20th stoneforest syaugust8 Send syaugust8 a message Add syaugust8 to your friends list 12823
BattleBlock Theater KoA: Reckoning Guardians of M-e Saints Row IV Persona 4 Arena
21st Snow MRK0NE Send MRK0NE a message Add MRK0NE to your friends list 12137
Minecraft Mortal Kombat Modern Warfare® 2 Kinect Adventures NHL® 10
22nd Sniper0092 sniper09208 Send sniper09208 a message Add sniper09208 to your friends list 12130
Borderlands 2 Halo: Reach Injustice GRID 2 Halo 3
23rd K1LLKANO K1LLKANO Send K1LLKANO a message Add K1LLKANO to your friends list 11928
South Park™: TSOT LEGO® Marvel Batman™ Arkham Origins Deadpool TW PGA TOUR®13
24th jbell0129 jbell0129 Send jbell0129 a message Add jbell0129 to your friends list 11360
Perfect Dark Zero Injustice Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K14 Mortal Kombat vs. DCU
25th mandead AAHale Send AAHale a message Add AAHale to your friends list 7760
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