1. Toxic
    Why is it so hard to come up with names for characters? I swear, I could write a chapter in the time it takes me to come up with a name for a character. Does anybody have any strategies or anything they use when trying to come up with a name for a character? I'm getting kind of desperate. I can't spend half and hour thinking up a name every time I introduce a new character.
  2. salem
    Well I look at the character I look at their personality and the way they act, once I have a good idea of who they are I try to find a name to match them.sorry if it doesn't help any
  3. Armageddon
    i just make something up that sound's MKish lol
  4. bad10
    i figure out who they are too.
  5. Edenian
    I usually settle on a name for characters by researching name meanings, based on said character's role, personality, goals, perspective, powers etc. For example, if my character was a werewolf i would name him Connor Grey bcos "Connor" means "wolf" (Celtic/Irish) and "Grey" as in "grey wolf". I frequently cos they have a varied selection (culturally), succinct description of meanings and a very user-friendly, time efficient sit. If u do try them, search in their "advanced search" thingie as here u can just specifically look up a meaning (like "wolf" and the subsequent name matches appear under unisex, girls or boys names categories.

    hope this was helpful!... cos as u can see, I rather enjoy my character "naming process" hahahaha! think i actually get too sidetracked by it lol!
  6. salem
    First time hearing my name means wolf the version I heard was it was a heroic name or something
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