The Rules

  1. Notorious J.I.Z.
    Notorious J.I.Z.
    The TRMK Online Ladder is about exactly what it sounds like. There will be a top 5, if you want to try your luck at the ladder, challenge the man at the bottom of the tower. If you win, you advance, if you lose you can try again next week. Once you win, you automatically bump that player down 1 rung, essentially knocking the low man on the totem pole off. If you need more info, just pm me "TRMK Online Ladder Help!" and I'll answer your question as best I can.

    1. To issue a challenge, PM whoever you're at on the Ladder and set up a fight time.
    2. Loser will update who the current # on the rung is in the TRMK Online Ladder [PS3] Group messages! This is very important so if I'm currently unavailable to update the thread, people will still know who to fight.
    3. Anybody caught cheating will be banned from the Ladder, so don't try to skip rungs.
    4. If someone on the Ladder is not defending their spot, they will forfeit it after a few days of not responding.
    5. Have fun!
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